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About NOWA Educational Centre

Naval Officers' Wives Association (NOWA) Educational Centre is located in a serene environment of Karshi, Nasarawa State, a beautiful and dynamic state in Northern Nigeria. We are a four-tier institution offering quality instruction in an educationally stimulating atmosphere for students in nursery, primary, and secondary. NOWA Secondary School was constructed by the Nigerian Navy Post Service Housing Scheme (NNPHS) Management while the CEO, Rear Admiral Hotonu was still a Commodore; under Mrs Ibrahim who was the NOWA National President. The school however became operational under Mrs Aminat Dupe Ibrahim who succeeded her as National President. NOWA Secondary School comenced activities on Sunday 10 October 2010 with 9 students and 20 teachers.
     The school is headed by the Commandant, a naval officer, who is the principal of the school, and several other posts are occupied by naval officers such as the School Account and Budget Officer(SABO), and the School Logistic Officer (SLOGO). he school which is a full boarding, commenced activities on sunday 10 October 2010 and the first student to report to the hostel was Tarimobowei Appah of Green house.

School Command Structure

Hajiya Nana Aisha Gambo
Lt Cdr MO Afolayan
Lt YA Galadima
Lt D Archibong
VP Acad
Mrs Chika Chamberlain
VP Admin
Mr Henry
Project Officer
Lt EA Isaac
Admin Officer
Miss Rabia
G & C
Mrs Ashang Ihuoma

School Organogram


We incorporated some foreign examination curriculum into our academic curriculum with a view to preparing them for opportunities for foreign admission into Universities. Such exams include, SAT, IELTS among others.

Our Mission

To bring up future leaders that will positively impact the fortunes of our great country through sound education and good morals.

Our Vision

To train and cater for the needs of our students in order to develop them to be persons of impeccable characters who will rise to become tomorrow's leaders.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the concept of the Total Child, so we allow for well rounded approach to education where students are involved in academics as well as Co-corricular activities such as sports, art, drama, music, debate, farming, humanitarian and community service. These make our children excellent achievers.


The NOWA President, Hajiya Nana Aisha Gambo The NOWA National President assumed office on the 26th january, 2021. She is a visionary leader full of passion and excellence.
Naval Officers' Wives Association (NOWA) came into being on 30 November 1965 under the leadership of Mrs Anne Way, wife of the first indigenous chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Joseph Edet Akinwale Wey of blessed memory. it started as a small "Tea Group" for light-hearted discussion by wives of naval officers to kill boredom because of the regular absence of their husbands to sea and also as a forum of rendering assistance to wives of naval ratings in and out of the barracks. It was and still is a forum where social problems relating to the less privileged in the society are discussed and where contributions are made to assist the needy... Read more...


Classroom organization is used for effective academic management and control. In NOWASEC, the classes are controlled by a class coordinator; each class is headed by a class teacher. The class teacher is assisted by the class captain and his assistant.


The primary goal of secondary education is to prepare an individual for useful living within the society and for higher education. To achieve the stated goals, the education given in NOWASEC is of six years duration (in compliance with the guidlines of the 9-3-4 National Education Programme). This is devided into two stages- the Junior Secondary (Lower Basic, Basic 7 - 9) and the Senior Secondary (Upper Basic, Year 10 -12).


Continuous Assessments (CAs) are carried out routinely to measure performance of students and determine their academic progress. CAs in NOWASEC include class test, class quizzes, assignments, classworks, notes and projects which are taken regularly. CA constitute a total of 60% of overall term's assessment while examination takes 40% for Basic 7-9. In upper year 10-12, CAs constitute 30% while exam constitutes 70% for each term.


For Junior Secondary, the students register for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) organised by NAtional Examination Council (NECO) and State Examinationwhich (Nasarawa State) consists of 13 - 15 subjects. For Senior Secondary, We register our students for SSCE (WAEC), NECO and JAMB.

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